Business Mindset membership

Start right now and get you mindset support on a monthly basis. Join me in the business mindset membership. 

I know, just as well as you do, that being an entrepreneur is an amazing journey of selfdevelopment, dealing with blocks and celebrating successes. 

It can be lonely at times, it will give you freedom, you can realise your dreams and you can become your biggest success.

In order to step into your dreams and desires and be the successful business owner you want to be, you will encounter blocks every now and then. And especially for these moments, I've created this membership for you! 

So you don't have to do it all on your own!

What is in the membership

We make a commitment to work together for the upcoming 12 months. 

Each month you will have a 90-120 minute breakthrough session with me personally and have my 24hr emergency support. 

Monthly breakthrough session

In this 90-120 minute session we will work through your biggest blocks at that moment. Clear out what is holding you back from stepping into your success and create a power mindset for the upcoming month

24hr Emergency call

Whenever you feel stuck, lost or in need of support immediately, you can message me and we set up an emergency call within 24 hours. 

For one whole year I'll be your biggest cheerleader, supporter and accountability partner. I will challenge you, inspire you and breakthrough with you. 

All of this for just € 397,- per month.

Are you ready for monthly support?

If you are ready right now, all you have to do is fill in the form below and I get back to you! 

I am so ready for you and holding space for you to join me! 

Stepping out of my comfort zone has a possitive impact on my growth as an individual and enterpreneur.”

Mirjam den Dunnen

I am a business owner for over 18 years, a certified coach, Master NLP, Master Timeline therapy and Master Hypnotherapy. 

It is my calling to help you to become your most successful version, so you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

I've been through several business and private struggles. I have worked through business setbacks and learned how to pivot and create the business of my dreams. I have had a divorce, raised 2 young kids on my own being a single mum and entrepreneur at the same time, I've had a burnout, experienced personal harrasment and learned so much along the way. 

And with all my experiences, qualities, joy and creativity, I am ready to coach you right now!