Does it feel your work-life balance is non existent?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of balance?

Are you wondering when things will slow down, so you can finally catch your breath? 

Do you want to step into you inner peace, right now?

What if I told you stress and burnout are a choice? And that today you can CHOOSE differently?


Download your free meditation here! 

You deserve support,

just as much as you support everyone else around you!

I know you feel overwhelmed right now. You may have even forgotten what  your inner sparkle even feels like. 

The pressure of juggling multiple balls in the air everyday can quickly become overwhelming and I know how easy it is to slip into overwhelm . 

But it doesn't have to feel this way and I'm here to support you in cultivating a renewed feeling of balance and calm in your day. 

Especially for you I've created this meditation,

to let go of the stress of success and to tap into the healing energy of peace and balance. 

Give yourself a moment of full luxury.

A moment just for you.

A moment for your well-being.

Who is Mirjam? 

I'm the go-to support coach for high achieving women to maintain peak performance and total alignment while balancing taking care of everyone else!

I support you with your mind, body and soul well being.

So you can thrive in your business and I am taking care of you.

Call me a mother Hen, the older version of you, the one who has been in business for almost 20 years and worked with thousands of people. The one that has been through a business start up, raising kids, juggling all the well-being balls up in the air and she that came out on the other side.

I’m the one you go to when you want to be brutally honest, when you want someone to take care of you, while you are taking care of so many others.

I am your coach when you are the coach. The mirror that holds you accountable for you applying all the great strategies you tell others.

The one you can call when you are stuck, out of alignment or to celebrate with. I’m your buddy, your coach, your shoulder, your kick in the butt and your cheerleader.

Love, Mirjam

Step into your bliss now!

Download your balance meditation here