Start your online business

Welcome to my Start your Online business coaching program!

In order to be successful it is 80% mindset and 20% strategy.

In this program you will learn how to master your mindset and apply the right strategy for a successful online business. 

This exclusive personal coaching program is the right match for you if you are ready to dig deep, breakthrough you limitations and sky rocket your success!

Is this you right now?

  • You have the desire to start your online business 
  • or, at the moment you are thinking of your new business and you feel stuck in which direction to go
  • You are a looking at a full-time business or a side hustle
  • You are looking for a clear structure and strategy 
  • You wonder if you are the only one that just "doesn't get it"
  • You see others in your field of expertise doing way better than you are
  • You feel the imposter creeping up every now and then
  • You doubt your ideas, beliefs and even wonder if you really can make it
  • You work so hard, you wonder if that is the only way
  • Your income isn't what you want it to be
  • You get scared, angry or lost when you think about money
  • Your income isn't consistent 
  • you desire to reach 10k months 
  • You know you were made for more
  • You are so ready to breakthrough and be successful!

If this is you and you are so ready to invest in your personal and business development, than this program is exactly what you need right now!

Program Content

Module 1
Unlock your potential

At first we dive into your qualities, your strengths, your potential. We discover what is beneath the surface, when does the imposter show up and what is holding you back and what is giving you energy.

We work on your success mindset and vision of the future. We get clarity on your business ideas, your goals is and where you want to go.
In this period we create a rock solid foundation for you to step up and shine. 

Module 2

Your money mindset & business strategies

In this module we work on your money mindset and start applying the business strategies.

Often your money mindset is the biggest block to improve. What is your history around money, what did you learn? What do you want to earn and how does that make you feel? 

We explore your current strategies for your business, I teach you new success strategies and transfer these into your personal success strategies. 

Module 3

Stepping into limitless success!

In module 1 and 2 we have set the foundation for you to be your most successful self!  And now is it time for you to put everything into practice and I'm going to be there with you every step of the way. 

This is where you step into your power! This is where you know that your mindset and strategies are alligned and where it feels like flow! 

After this module you know how to influence your own mindset, to create the bigger vision for yourself and you know how to tackle the imposter or the setbacks that might come up.  You know how to work smarter in stead of harder. 

You will rock, shine and you are the successful business owner you already knew you could be! 

The mind is the limit.  As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it! 

Why work Me?

I'm Mirjam, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

I am a business owner over 20 years now, specialized in Leadership development and Personal coaching.  I am a Master in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

I have had the pleasure of working with almost 4000 people from international organizations within my leadership and personal coaching programs. 


They have learned how to develop their mindset, how to overcome their limitations and blocks and what to do to create a healthy money mindset They have gotten to know themselves better, learned how they can influence their own situations, know their strengths, weaknesses and pitfalls. 

They became aware that your mindset is such a powerful part of being successful in their business that they made it a daily routine to keep on focusing on this part of business as well as the strategies. 

One participant of my programs described it perfectly, he said: With all that I've learned I have been given the ability to become my own best version! 

This is my mission: to help you to become an successful business owner, with all your beautiful qualities and a rock solid mindset, the best version of you!

And now I am so ready to welcome you into my program and start your journey. 

The program details and bonus

In these 13 weeks you have:

  • Welcome gift
  • 13 coaching sessions of 90 min, via Zoo
  • Free Theory downloadables 
  • Email support


Free 24hr Emergency Call (2 in the period of 3 months) 

24hr emergency calls during the 3 month program, in case you need help or a sparring partner straight away.

My agenda will hold spaces open for the situations where you need instant coaching. Sometimes we don't know what will be on our journey of personal development. And I will make sure that you know you are not alone! As promised I'm by you side in this program. 

What Others Say


Mirjam is a friendly, honest and inspirational individual. Beyond that, she is above all an impressive coach that is able to create a safe and inclusive environment in which I felt comfortable to articulate what moves me when reflecting from my core. 

Her knowledge of the growth an individual should focus on regarding personal leadership and development is a huge advantage. She puts this skillset to work in order to create a fit-for-purpose personal growth program based upon the stage an individual is at. Mirjam her work evolves around connecting with the core of individuals in order to identify which opportunities of personal development are best suited for their next step in their career. Along with her undeniable talent, Mirjam has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true coach by heart and a great and warm individual that manages to bring out the best of others.

Sandiep Ponit 

 /Senior consultant Financial Business


Mirjam is an excellent coach. She is very experienced. What I like most about her that she is very passionate and honest towards her work. Mirjam has helped me a lot on how to distinguish the facts from the emotions. She taught me how to deal with negative emotions and process them. She has helped me to look from a more factual perspective at situations.

I have experienced a tremendous personal growth during her coaching. I am very grateful for the valuable life lessons. Thank you very much Mirjam for helping me becoming a more mature and stronger woman!!

Inderdeep Singh

/ Data Science Consultant


At first I came to Mirjam with a work related question. Very soon she showed me my underlying, more essential question. With this we started during our first period. 

For me it was extraordinary to experience the ripple effect this process has brought me. An ancient, old, rusted layer of my personality has been dissolved. Therefore I am able to stand in my own strength. This process still has its effect on me up until today. 

I am so glad I took this step to work with Mirjam. It brought me so much more than I ever expected. Not only growth in my business, but also personal growth. 

I grant you the same experience! 

Joanna Piatkowska

/ Tax Council 


I had the pleasure of being in the 1 on 1 coaching program with Mirjam, focussing on my personal development and effective communication and I highly recommend it!

Mirjam has helped me to reconnect with my purpose at work and provided insights to my values. I got a better understanding of my skillset and which can be further developed and which are ineffective for me. Thanks to the situational practices and deep dive analysis, I could identify new ways of managing myself and it encouraged me to improve the quality of interactions with my colleagues.  Sometimes we are just stuck with negative feelings at work and we tend to accept it. During this program, thanks to the new approach and methods, I could eliminate this negativity which overall increased my motivation and effectiveness. 

Fruzina Komoczi

 /Procurement Manager

The finer details

After filling in the application form, I schedule a call to talk about your personal questions and how to start your program. 

The investment for this 3 month program, welcome gift, 13 personal coaching sessions of 90 minutes, email support, downloadable and emergency support is just € 2.997,- 

You can also choose the payment plan of 3 times € 1.050,- 

Are you still wondering if you are ready to breakthrough your barriers, to create a solid mindset so you can succeed in your business and become the successful entrepreneur you have dreamed of being? Are you ready to say YES? Let me tell you if this program is for you or not.

This program is for you if  you are:


  • Sick and tired of being stuck
  • Dreaming of a big future and want to turn that into a reality
  • Struggling with your financial goals
  • See others being successful in the same field of expertise
  • Wondering what direction to go with your business 
  • Know that you have something special to share with the world
  • Want to be a part of the change for the future
  • Ready to step up and make a difference
  • Are ready to deep dive in yourself and find out where you can shift
  • Are so ready to invest in yourself because you are worth it!
  • Are willing to take an honest look at yourself, your behavior, your mindset, your energy and your strategies
  • Are ready to step into your next chapter, right now!

This program is NOT for you if  you are:

  • Happy with your current situation
  • Not ready to step up and claim your true being
  • Unwilling to look at your own behaviour , mindset and influence in each situation
  • Not in the position to invest in yourself in time, commitment, energy and money
  • Claim that others are responsible for your success, circumstances or situation



Does this coaching program work if I don't have a fulltime business at the moment? 

Absolutely. This program will give you insight in yourself, your qualities, and create a rock solid mindset for you to leave your corporate life behind and start your business fulltime soon! 

Is this a general program, with fixed topics? Or can I also add my own wishes? 

The 1 on 1 coaching is totally tailor made to your specific needs, questions and your situation. We work together on what is most important or on top of mind at the moment. And I challenge you during the proces to develop a new mindset, new perspectives, strategies and behaviour that isn't familiar for you yet. 

How much time will I need to commit?

You need at least 90 minutes bi-weekly  and th 30 minutes bi-weekly for the coaching calls. Besides that, the new things that you learn  are created so you can apply them in your nomal day to day life. 

Can I also read a book and get the same result? 

Books can inspire you and can give you a new outlook. But books can't hold you accountable, challenge you, make you see your  blind spots and cheer you on. If everything could be learned out of books and through knowledge, we all would have amazing bodies, splendid health, the most loving relationships and exciting jobs, right?  Because all the books on these topics already exist.  But it is the true change that makes the difference. Being out of your comfort zone, out of your own head and  into your personal development.

Is this program also for me if I want to start my own business? 

Yes, this program is absolutely for you if you want to start your own business. 

How much is the investment for this 3 month program?

The investment for the 3 month program, including the bonuses is just €2.997,-  or  3x monthly payments of  €1.050,-

Is there a refund? 

Due to the incredible bonus on offer and the nature of the program, mainly live coaching sessions, no refund is available.