About me


Do you ever ask yourself the question, who are you? 

And at first you find yourself telling your job description, your education and business achievements. And you are so much more! 

So if I start to talk about me, there is so much more to me than my work, which I love to do by the way!

I am a daughter, a mom, a friend, a cousin, an aunt, an ex wife, a colleague, a neighbor, a trainer, a coach, a business owner, a dog lover, a horse rider, a ballet dancer, a sport-masseuse, a movie fan, and I can go on and on.  Some of the things might be of interest to tell more about, other things you will find out or hear along the way when we work together.  

As you can see, I don't like to be put in a certain box and that is also my perception of the world. Nobody should be placed into a box, you are unique, beautiful and authentic and there is just one YOU. So shine and be your own box!


Over 15 years of experience as a life coach.

Master Neurolinguistic Programming, Master Timeline therapy and Master Hypnotherapy


Over 2.500 participants in my  coaching and development programs.


Founder and entrepreneur since 2000.

20 Years experience as Business Coach,

specialized in

Female Leadership and communication

within multi-national organisations. 


Because life is so much more than work! 

I'm the mom of a daughter of 21 and a son of 18,  the daughter of my loving parents,

I have 2 dogs, a horse and a cat 

and I love spending time with my friends. 

My story

I was born on the 22th of June 1972 in The Hague. In the first few years I moved to 2 different cities, of which I can't remember much. But when I was 2,5 years old we moved to Eemnes, and that is the place I grew up in. It is a small town, with approximately 9000 people, surrounded by open fields, water, forests and you could say that I'm a country girl. I loved playing outside and  I enjoyed my school. 

I went to a bigger city for high school and  went back to The Hague for my study at the Hotel Management School.  

School wasn't always easy, I've been bullied, pushed myself to (or over) the limits and was often perceived as too sensitive.  And I also had great friends and learned to study hard and that resulted in having the degrees I now have. 

In my first two jobs I learned the business side of life. I developed my leadership skills and commercial skills and I learned that I love it when I can help others. I got married, gave birth to a beautiful daughter and an amazing son and found out what it was like to be a mum and work at the same time.

After several years of working as an employee, in the same year as I had my divorce, I made the decision to start my own business with focus on behavioral development and leadership. My business grew each year, I had 4 people in my office and about 15 freelance trainers working for me.  I was busy with my company, with my clients, with my kids, with their school.. and as I told you on my home page, that lead me into a burnout. 

From the first moment I realized I had a burnout, I also knew that it was a hard way of learning, but if I wanted to prevent myself from ever having a burnout again, I had to learn to change. I had to get to know myself, my pitfalls, my triggers and my challenges.  It took me quiet some time to get back on track again. And even until today I talk to people who say, there is really a before and an after Mirjam.  For me that is totally okay, because I never want to go back to the "old" me.  This was also the moment when I decided that I wanted to change my business and develop more on coaching an the right way of helping others and I wanted to be in balance with my private life and being a single mum. 

I started my coaching education and it felt like I was coming home! Within one year I completed my Master NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), Master Timeline therapy and Master Hypnotherapy. And ever since I've used the learnings, teachings and development that I learned then and there.  With my experience and  knowledge I've been able to create a program that helps you to create a rock-solid mindset and develop life changing strategies so you can live a life of limitless success and harmony. And from my own experience and so many others before you, I can tell you .. it works! 

Making different choices also lead to a different business format.  I changed the programs, gave my employees the space to find another job and created the business I have today.  I preferably work in 1 on 1 coaching programs, so I can dive into the things that are holding you back. And I also give group training sessions, because I love the interaction of the groups and the way people can learn from each other. 

Within the past 10 years over 2500 people in the Netherlands have been in my programs. If you take a look at the testimonial page, you can read some of their testimonials.  With pride I look back at all the beautiful developments I've seen and the growth I've witnessed .  Somehow the last 2 years my audience has become more and more international, which has lead to this international website and the opportunity for you to start to work with me. In a time of technological development there is no need to be in the same country or even continent, to still be able to work together. 

So, now you know a lot more about me... and I am curious.. Who are you? 

“Rather than only hearing about you, I'd love to get to know you!"

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