Are you ready for the next level in your life of limitless success and harmony? 

Are you ready to be successful in both your career and your private life?

I know, this almost feels like a contradiction, doesn't it? So often it feels like you have to choose between one or the other. 

Do you look at all the successful women out there, showing their perfect life and your life isn't even showing a glimpse of perfection? Do you doubt yourself and do you wonder what you've done wrong?

I know you are dreaming of the next step in your career, in your business or the shift in your private life. So you can live the live you desire. So you can make a change, wether that is in the company you work in, with the products your business offers or within yourself. The change that will make you shine, that will help you to find your true authentic self and that will empower you! Because you are meant for so much more!

Let me tell you, it is absolutely POSSIBLE to be successful in all the aspects of your life and create this from a place of authenticity, relaxation, power and leadership.  You can be in control of you life and make it happen! You can become the woman that you would like to be, with grace and confidence. You have it in you to be an amazing role model for your female colleagues and for your kids and friends.  

This life is just one step away from your reality and I know it works. I've been in the exact same situation as you are now. I even been through a major burnout 11 years ago and that was my turning point. I learned to recreate my life and from that moment on it became my mission to help ambitious women to step in to their next level in life, so you can thrive in a life of limitless success and harmony.  

Are you ready for your turning point? 

About me

I did it all on my own,being successful in my work (first as an employee, later as a business owner with employees) I was one of the guys at work, I was the school mum, the soccer mum, the ballet mum.. I was the center of the party for everyone but me.  I wanted to step into the next level in my life and pushed myself over all my limits. I thought my energy was endless and there was always a thought in my head, that later I would find time for me, I would find time to relax.. until one day my body stopped and I was in a burnout.  In hindsight I noticed my body had been giving me so many signals already, but I ignored them. Until there was no other option then paying attention.

I learned a lot in that time. Learned how to be my authentic self, how to be successful in my work without being a guy, regained my energy, found balance between work and family life and between being there for others and being there for me. It became clear to me to step into the next level doesn't have to be hard. It can be with easy and flow! 

I improved my personal learnings with training and education and became a coach and a hypnotherapist. I wanted to make sure that I could help others through proven methods, profound theory with success strategies and with a quicker result then I've had.

With my knowledge and experience in over a decade, I've been able to help over 3000 people in the Netherlands. They are wonderfully surprised by the quick way their life can improve, how they find their beautiful authentic self and grow in their business life while being there for kids, family and friends.

The beautiful words of one of my coachees describes it beautifully: your program has given me all the input, strategies and possibilities to become the best version of me and live in my highest frequency. 🥰

“Just as the wine inside a bottle can't read its own label, so impossible is it for you to see yourself from the inside out.

The wine grows in the hands of  a vintager, you can grow with the help from a coach”

Work with me

3 Month Career coaching Program

If you are SO ready to change things up and step into the next level in your career, then I know my 3 month Career Coaching Program will be so perfect for you. I am so excited to support you in creating this next level in your business life and can’t wait to connect further!

Click on the link below to find out more about this program. 

3 Month Mindset coaching Program

If you have all the strategies you need and you are struggling to be the successful business owner you have always dreamed of, than this is the program for you!

You already know that the success of your business is 20% strategy and 80% mindset, right? 

Let's step into the next level of your mindset and unlock your highest potential that will lead to limitless success!

Click on the button below to find out more about this program. 

Group coaching Female Leadership

3 Times per year I start a new group for group coaching sessions on female leadership. These sessions are a 4 week program with a 90 minute session per week. 

Within these groups are like minded women, who want to find their authenticity within leadership. 

Do you want to know more and be on the waiting list for the next group? Please click below! 

Complimentary call

If you want to know more about my programs, or you would like to share your ideas and wishes, please apply for my 30 minute complimentary call. 

During this call we will discuss your questions and I will give you insights in how I can help you. 

Click on the link below to apply! 

What Others Say


Along with her undeniable talent, Mirjam has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true coach by heart and a great and warm individual that manages to bring out the best of others.

Sandiep Ponit 


I was caught by surprise. In her deligthfully light-hearted manner, Mirjam rid me in no time at all of any attachments to negative emotions. This was over two years ago, and the profound effects are as present today as they were back then

Marieke Oostveld


Sometimes we are just stuck with negative feelings at work and we tend to accept it. During the coaching, thanks to the new approach and methods, I could eliminate this negativity which overall increased my motivation and effectiveness.

Fruzsina Komoczi

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